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An example of failed communications - two tin cans connected with a string
Does your cellular coverage leave
you feeling like
reliable coverage is
using two cans and string?  Let us
help you!  Ask us for more
information on our cell phone
booster and bi-directional amplifiers.
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Dropped calls are usually due to two
1. Location of the nearest cell tower
2. Natural and man-made obstructions.

Wilson cell phone boosters work to
amplify the incoming and outgoing
signals thus dramatically reducing the
occurrence of dropped calls.
Diagram of cellular coverage enhancer systems for in-building and in-vehicle use
a diagram of Cellular coverage booster system specifications
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On top of the communications world so you can stop on top of your world!
We understand that when it comes to cell phone
signal boosters one size does not fit all.  That is
why we offer custom design solutions to fit your
specific site and needs.  
Wilson Electronics offers a selection of complete ready
made solutions perfect for the Do It Yourselfer.   

Wilson Pre-Designed Solutions